Traffic Management App

Design, coordinate and communicate traffic management plans

Dynamic information updates instantly

Traffic Management App (TM App) is a web-based tool that delivers better planning, coordination and creation of traffic management plans. It has revolutionised the way planned disruptions are communicated to residents and road users via, other websites and sat-nav devices.

How can TM App help?

  • Transform the efficiency of traffic management planning and design around a single platform, where information from pre-planning to reinstatement can be shared securely between teams
  • Generate TM plans in minutes avoiding repetitive paper-based processes and hand offs with external resources, eliminating outsource costs
  • Streamline workflow by auto generating documents such as Traffic Orders for Highway Authorities, or PTS application forms and similar for utilities
  • Works promoters can submit plans and TTRO applications directly to the relevant Highway Authority for approval, generating efficiency savings on both sides
  • Apply the best data-driven intelligence to improve TM planning, reducing rejected applications, Fixed Penalty Notices and fines
  • Improve communication to the public and other key stakeholders with instant publication of plans via, other websites and sat-nav devices, helping reduce road space occupancy and congestion
  • Cloud-based with no dependency on existing IT systems, it can be integrated and realise immediate benefits without internal IT support

What can TM App do?

TM App simplifies even the most complicated Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs) to meet operational and legal requirements. As easy to use at the roadside or in the office, it is intuitive to use and packed with powerful features.

  • Plot full range of traffic control and related interventions. Plot long and complex diversion routes in seconds using in-built road network intelligence
  • Comprehensive intelligence integrated into the TM planning environment via the map - including 3rd party works, Section 58s, bus stops & routes, Google Streetview, OS MasterMap and the full National Street Gazetteer
  • TM plan can be linked to an existing EToN notice/permit or created independently
  • Easily prepare plans detailing signage layouts for temporary traffic control for design review and setting out, featuring road signs, works footprint, labels, etc. (Signage Add-on)
  • Template-driven document generator enables standard forms for TTRO/TTS and other traffic control applications to be created and completed automatically using information plotted on the map, then saved as a PDF
  • Utility works promoters can submit plans and TTRO applications directly to the relevant Highway Authority for approval (Plan Share Add-on)
  • TM plan can be handed off to different teams, internal or external, throughout its lifecycle, with restricted user access to functions depending on their role (Plan Share Add-on)
  • TM plan can be cloned and reused, editing only information that needs to be changed
  • TM App can be fully integrated into existing streetworks systems if required
  • TM App subscribers TM interventions (closures and diversions) along with stautory roadworks data also available via Data API

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Straightforward and streamlined

Traffic Management App delivers more time and cost effective creation of traffic management plans.

It offers a streamlined design and submission process that facilitates collaborative working between utilities, contractors and Highway Authorities, resulting in better planning, coordination and communication of traffic management plans.

Elgin technology is used by most highway authorities across the UK, as well as major utility companies, highway contractors and event organisers. We have forged strategic partner relationships with leading consumer channel partners such as Google and TomTom.

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