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Transmit live road closure updates to sat-navs using's world-leading technology.

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Case study - Ringway

Influencing driver behaviour using's real-time platform.

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Route Monitor

Monitor performance of key routes and major schemes with no hardware costs.

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The home of road and mobility data

Welcome to - one platform to plan, monitor, communicate and analyse traffic disruptions. From road closures and diversion routes, to public events and incidents: our platform allows real-time monitoring of all the UK's roadworks and diversions.


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“This technology is fantastic news for drivers in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. Our Highways officers will be able to influence thousands of journeys in real-time, reducing traffic jams and making it easier for our emergency services to access incidents.”

Phil Bibby

Cabinet Member for Highways and Environment at Hertfordshire County Council

“We have seen a marked improvement in the quality and consistency of works applications being received. They are all in the same format, with comprehensive documentation, which makes it much easier and quicker to process.“

A. Person

Bradford Metropolitan District Council

“We are using all day, every day and I can only speak positively about it - of particular use to us in streetworks is the live traffic function."

Steven Gruffudd King LLB PGDIP

North & Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent technology is used by most highway authorities across the UK, as well as major utility companies, highway contractors and event organisers. We have forged strategic partner relationships with leading consumer channel partners such as Google and TomTom.

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Our Platform


Plan roadworks and events to minimise the impact on road users.


Monitor and manage incidents, events and roadworks in real-time.


Communicate live updates to road users and influence driver behaviour.


Analyse the impact of traffic management to improve future planning.

10 November 2020

All change at Street Manager and the Department for Transport

Data is at the heart of And we rely on our customers — and some organisations who aren’t our customers — to provide that.

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27 May 2020

JAG(UK) and team up to support Local Authorities implement local transport restart plans

A letter sent from Emma Ward, DfT’s Director General of Roads, Places and Environment, to highway authorities on 12th May set out a radical “local transport restart” agenda for getting the country

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27 April 2020

Protect hospital access routes with

Keeping emergency access routes clear ensures emergency vehicles can get patients to hospital on time, critical supplies of PPE can be delivered without delay and key workers can get to and from wo

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17 March 2020

How can help with Coronavirus pressures?

We have a powerful and widely used communication channel with the public, including privileged relationships with consumer map and navigation providers such as Google, Waze and TomTom.

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19 February 2020

Flood risk warnings and communication on

Over 90 flood warnings have been have communicated today on across 15 Highway Authorities, improving awareness for emergency services

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13 February 2020

Morrison Utility Services & are winners of IGEM Lions' Lair 2020

Virtual Trial-Hole Assistant (VTA) is based on's Clash & Coordination module.

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14 January 2020

Exciting plans for in 2020

Last year we launched, retiring the brand which no longer adequately reflected the range of information or the diversity

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27 November 2019

Winners! - Street Works UK 2019 Innovation Award

Truly understanding the environment around the works site before arriving is one of the toughest challenges in street works.

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