Traffic Management App offers utilities & utility contractors a streamlined design, coordination and submission process that delivers direct cost savings via a reduction in rejected applications, aborted works, outsourced service costs and fines.

Traffic Management App (TM App) is a powerful tool for utility streetworks teams during the planning process and when promoting works to the Highway Authority (HA) for approval.

  • Reduce streetworks planning costs, including outsource costs for traffic management and signage plans where relevant
  • Efficiency savings with fewer hand-offs and fewer rejected applications
  • Reduce streetworks failure rates (abandoned works, permit variations, FPNs)
  • Improve NRSWA compliance
  • Save time with streamlined, more efficient working processes, including auto completion of TTS and other application forms
  • Improve co-operation and collaborative working on a common platform with Highway Authorities

Unlike other TM planning tools, TM App enables works planners to consider all essential data such as third party works, Section 58s, bus stops & routes and NSG special designations – and with visualisation in-App, there is less need for physical on site surveys.

All forms of traffic control, such as portable traffic signals can be accurately designed and incorporated into a detailed traffic management plan for submission to the HA. Designing the most appropriate TM on the same map, makes for more streamlined cost efficient planning, reduction in aborts and fines, and in some cases elimination of outsource TM planning costs.

A single platform submission and acceptance process with full audit trail of TM planning and approval streamlines the application process. Additionally, aligning the entire TM planning process in a single software solution reduces the need for separate tools for pre-planning and plan production.

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