The web-based Traffic Management App enables Highway Authorities to efficiently design, coordinate, accept and publish live and planned temporary traffic management interventions, with instant communication via the web and sat-nav devices to the public and other key stakeholders.

Traffic Management App (TM App) has transformed the way temporary traffic management interventions, such as road closures and diversion routes through to Stop and Go boards and footway suspensions are planned, coordinated, accepted and communicated.

With instant publication on, other syndicated websites, social media and sat-nav devices, this has resulted in a step change in the way these activities are managed to minimise disruption to road users and reduce congestion.

  • Save significant time and improve operational efficiency with streamlined working processes
  • Improve citizen and road user experience with easy to access works information, potentially lowering contact centre pressure and costs with increased self-service of enquiries
  • Influence driver behaviour through better information, helping reduce road space occupancy, congestion and journey times
  • Facilitate utilities and contractors co-operation and collaboration
  • In the ethos of ‘digital by default’, promote best practise, using innovative technology solutions

TTROs, other Order documents and even customer letter drops, can be generated automatically using the information plotted on the map. With the ability to manage cross boundary disruptions and featuring a digital filing system for eGovernance audit purposes, TM App facilitates the key elements of the coordination process by offering

  • Information - having accurate and timely information on what is proposed and when it is happening
  • Analysis - having a means of assimilating and analysing this information
  • Consideration - whether any changes are required to minimise disruption
  • Co-operation - All parties to co-operate with the Highway Authority to achieve the minimum disruption

Since its launch in 2014 TM App, has rapidly become the de facto traffic management tool for Highway Authorites.

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