Traffic Management Types

19.03.14 - Traffic Management App Enhancements Update

Traffic Management Types

The additional Traffic Management Types have now been pushed live to all user accounts and are entirely optional. They appear in ‘Step 2’, when you select ‘Add Traffic Management’ and you can select the relevant option from the drop down list. The full list of additional Traffic Management types available for selection are: 

  • Road closure
  • Diversion route
  • HGV Diversion route
  • Accident
  • Incident
  • Lane closure
  • Footway closure
  • Temporary one-way
  • Reversal of one-way
  • Temporary speed limit
  • Weight restriction
  • Suspension of weight restriction
  • Clearway / no stopping
  • Tow away zone
  • Temporary parking restriction
  • Suspension of parking restriction
  • Gritting in progress


These new options offer a wider selection of categories to more accurately reflect the nature of the temporary traffic interventions or disruption that are published on The additional Traffic Management Types are colour coded depending on the selection, e.g. ‘Gritting in progress’ is published using a green line with an exclamation mark icon. Please note that the display icons for these additional Traffic Management Types have not been finalised, and they all have exclamation mark icons for the time being. These will be updated with the next code release and they will all get new and improved icons.

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