Traffic Management Plan Cloning Functionality

TM App Functionality Update - Traffic Management Plan Cloning – View, Edit and Copy functionality

Once a Traffic Management Plan has been created and saved, it can be retrieved from the ‘Search & edit’ filing list. A published Traffic Management Plan appears in bold font with a hyperlink.

Sometimes the same Traffic Management Plans needs to be published repeatedly, or they are reoccurring events with the same traffic management interventions. To avoid redrawing a Traffic Management Plan, we have introduced ‘View | Edit| Copy’  functionality. This functionality is available when you try and select an existing Traffic Management Plan in the ‘Search and edit’ filing list.

  • View – this will load the existing Traffic Management Plan at Step 1 in read-only mode. Any changes made will not be saved.
  •  Edit – this will load the existing Traffic Management Plan at Step 1 in edit mode.
  • Copy – this will open up a copy of an existing Traffic Management Plant. Any changes made here will be saved as a new Traffic Management plan when you click save. Any date related template tags in documents will need to be manually updated.

Tip: Select ‘Search & Edit’. Click on the name of a Traffic Management Plan from the filing list that is currently in a published state. ‘View | Edit | Copy’ options will become available. Select ‘Copy’ and create an amended Traffic Management Plan.

Editing Traffic Management Plans

A Traffic Management Plan cannot be edited 24 hours after the published end date because it is deemed ‘expired’. Expired Traffic Management Plans cannot be edited irrespective of whether they were once published but they are retained in the archive filing system for reference and can be viewed and copied.

Client Reference

When Debbie Tomlins, Technical Assistant - Network at North Lincolnshire Council, used the Traffic Management Plan cloning functionality for the first time she said "OMG! That was so easy!!! Works perfectly well.  Thank you."

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