Traffic Management App Enhancements

Release 1.6.1

A number of enhancements have been made to the Traffic Management App (release 1.6.1)


A greater level of control over who has permission to access individual features has been provided, allowing organisations to have greater control over user roles. Broadly speaking there are now four additional categories:

  • Publish role that enables a user to publish or hide functionality entirely
  • Superuser who is able to edit plans created by other users.
  • Administrative role that can access organisational settings.
  • Read Only User provides the ability for a user to view plans created in TM App without the ability to make changes. Users that need access to plans are now able to view plans without any capability for accidental changes.

TM Plan Link and Author in Callout

When in a callout, it is now possible to see the author and open the traffic management plan when logged in.

‘All Users’ Search and Edit Filter

Traffic management plans are now displayed for the entire organisation in the Search & Edit list but can be filtered to specific user.

Viewable Audit Log

This allows main user actions in TM App to be viewed within TM plan for greater visibility on changes made by users.

Traffic Impact Setting

When creating a plan that requires a location to be plotted, there is the added option to select the traffic impact - Delays likely, Delays possible and Delays unlikely. These are coloured red, amber and green respectively. Impact is automatically set when a plan is associated to an EToN.

Support Email Attachments

Documents can be selected and added to an email alert as a link, which will enable recipients to view the document. Please note - before being able to attach to an email the plan must be saved.

Drop down list gives the user a list of document to select from.

Link to document is included in the email.

Support Multiple Logos

It is now possible to add multiple logos to a document template in the Settings and choose the position.

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