Release 24th March

Apps: v2.1


  • Improved Audit Capabilities The audit trail on the TM app has been enhanced to capture all user changes on a TM Plan. The audit trail now captures the entire life-cycle of a plan -  from plan creation, items added and changed at Step 2, Documents and email alerts added, changed or sent at Step 3 and when the plan was Published. Admin users can access the audit trail by selecting the down arrow on next to the save button when within a plan. Click on each individual audit item to find out more information about that item.

  • Development Works Replaces 'Other' Category Within Step 1  works category previously named ‘Other’ underneath Streetworks / License   has been replaced with ‘Development works’. This is to enable all categories to be of a meaningful nature both operationally and for the general public.NOTE: Organisations which have used the category 'Other' for categories such as 'Tables and Chairs' will need to edit previous plans created with the newly released icons.

  • New Items / Traffic Restrictions Added to Step 2 -Four additional traffic management items have been added to Step 2 allowing for your TM Plans to be built upon more comprehensively
    • No left turn,
    • No U-turn,
    • Suspension of one-way
    • Reversal of one-way

  • Roadworks Report App Improved Map Area Selection Tool  - When using 'Filter by map area' the tool to draw a map area has been improved to provide visual feedback to users so that they can easily see if the selection is permitted.  Users can adjust the selection to fit within the system criteria either by making the filtered area smaller or changing the selection criteria of Promoters from 'All works promoters' to a single promoter to allow for a larger search area.- In addition users can now edit the selection once they have created it to ensure that it accurately represents their needs. These improvements make the use of the tool much more transparent to the user.- The area drawn can me clicked and dragged around the map to amend the placement of the polygon created.

  • Roadworks Report App Improved Date Range Selection Customer feedback has indicated that the date selection criteria can be confusing. To address this “Current active works” now only searches for works that have already started and are in progress along with those due to start on the day of the search. In addition, “Future planned works” by default picks the next calendar day as the “From” date but allows the user to specify the current date if required.


  • Map Dates Respect Open TM Plan DatesTo enable users to see more intuitively the potential impact of a TM plan that they are creating, the map dates will automatically reflect those of the TM plan that is being created (either manually input dates or those of an EToN notice selected), meaning that potential clashes are immediately visible and more obvious to the user.

Portal: v7.18


  • Selection Grouped for Live Incidents and Public Events LayersLayer control has been simplified so that ‘Live incidents’ and ‘Public events’ categories are now grouped and the layer is now either on or off. Users of the embedded version of the map have the option to choose layers that will or will not be grouped when implementing the embed.
  • "Last Updated" Information Works information panels on  now reflect time and date of the last received from either the streetworks register or a manual update made via Comms App. This provides a more accurate view on when underlying information on a works has been changed.

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