Release 20th October 2016

Traffic Management App

Click here for the Search and Edit Guide (PDF)

A complete revamp of the Search & Edit functionality within the Traffic Management app will allow users to search more freely for TM Plans within their organisation.

Along with improved search filters which allow users to be completely aware of their set criteria, users can now also search within specified date ranges using the date calendars and search for deleted TM Plans which may or may not have been mistakenly deleted by users.

Deleted TM Plans can not be reinstated, however they can be viewed along with their audit logs by admin users and can be copied to continue editing the TM Plan instead of creating a new TM Plan from scratch.

Pick and choose between the filter sections to customise your search criteria.

Date filters:

Ensure you have a 'State' selected within the date filters. This will ensure your search results return TM Plan name which match any other criteria

Main Filters:

Choose between Category, Visibility and Deleted TM Plans. Choose more than one Main filter to narrow down your search results.


Free text type into the search field. Leave all search feilds blank to have an open search. The free text does not have to be complete searches for whole TM Plan names. Results will return any matching string of letters or even a single letter. For more information view our PDF for more information.

Search and Edit PDF

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