Release 18th August 2016

Apps 2.8.0 - Enhancements

Traffic Management App

  • New item at Step 2 - An additional traffic management item has been added at Step 2 allowing users the ability to create more detailed plans.
    • Suspension of busway


  • Signage Icon Improvements - Users with access to the signage app will notice significant improvements to the way signs are placed on the map, moved and deleted. Enhancing the ability to place signage items closer together without causing conflict with other signs already on the map.While deleting signs has been upgraded to a click and drop feature which allows users complete control over the actions they complete with their signage.

Roadworks Report App

  • CSV Output enhancement - Permit status has been included into the CSV output.For more information about the Roadworks Report App please contact your account manager for more information.

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