Release 16th June 2016

Apps 2.5.0

Traffic Management App

  • Map Capture improvements  – Inserting a map into documents at step 3 has been completely revamped and made more intuitive and user friendly.Users can now specify the area to be captured more accurately.The map view to be captured is indicated by an adjustable shaded area which can be moved around the map and manually resized as desired.

Menu Options now give Image options:Default page widths:

  • Full page width
  • ½ page width
  • ¼ page width

Image Orientation:

  • Custom aspect ratio
  • Landscape
  • Portrait

Much larger and more detailed screen captures  defining the extent of the desired map, selecting 'Lock selected area' and then adjusting the zoom scale of the map. One useful application of this is to capture the full extent of a TM / signage plan at a level of zoom so that objects on the map do not overlap.

  • New Icons - Additional category icons have been added to Step 1. The categories give users control to indicate additional and more relevant icons for their TM plans.The new categories are:
    • Public Events :
      • Polling Station  
    • Streetworks/Licence :
      • Abnormal load  

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