Release 14th July 2016

Apps 2.6.0

Traffic Management App

  • TM Plan Groups For a long time we have been asked the best way to create blanket orders using the Traffic Management App or if it would be possible to create folders to combine TM plans.'TM Plan Groups' is the new feature within the TM App to combine TM plans of a similar scheme or project. Grouping allows users to create documents which automatically populate information from each TM plan within the group and combines the information into one covering document.TM plans are created individually, which allows the TM plans to be updated and changed throughout the life cycle of the works.TM plans already created within your organisation can be added to a new or already existing group by setting the map view area to encompass the plans required for the group.While in create or edit mode of the TM Group all TM plans within the area will become available from the drop down menu. Select and add to the group.While creating a new TM plan users can add the TM plan being created to an active group from the drop down menu at step 1 prior to progressing on to step 2 to create the traffic interventions.

  • Search and Edit - To be able to search for and edit the groups which you've created the 'Search and Edit' functionality has been updated for users to have the ability to toggle between searching for individual TM plans or searching for created groups.

  • Template Tag Wizard – Improving user experience while creating documents templates, both in Settings and at step 3, a template tag wizard has been created simplifying the process.The template tag wizard is invoked by pressing the Template tags button now indicated with a hash #.If users are setting up a document template in the 'Settings' there will be four tabs available:
    • TM Group
    • TM Plan
    • TM Item
    • Iteration / Loop

All  template tags are available by selecting the relevant tab and selecting the appropriate tag for the information re from the drop down menus.Documents being created with TM Group tags should only be used in the edit mode of the TM Groups.

In addition to the new wizard a few additional tags have been added to the existing options:

  • Start/End date for items created at step 2 with independent dates
  • TM Plan ID
  • Unit of measurement now displays when selecting tags related to measurement


  • New Icons - Additional category icons have been added to Step 1. The categories give users control to indicate additional and more relevant icons for their TM plans.The new categories are:
    • Public Events:
      • Agricultural show
      • Air show
    • Streetworks/License:
      • Water leak

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