Release 14th April 2016

Apps v2.2, Portal v7.19

Apps v2.2 – Traffic Management App


  • Step 1New Icons - Additional category icons have been added to Step 1. The categories give users control to indicate additional and more relevant icons for their TM plans. Organisations which were previously using works category 'Other', now 'Development Works' can update their plans with the below category icons where relevant i.e, Tables & ChairsThe new categories are:

  • Incident (new additions):    
    • Landslip
    • Flood
  • Public Events (new additions)
    • Cycling
    • Running
    • Motor sport event  
    • Horse racing
    • Football
    • Rugby
    • Cruise Ship
    • Festival
    • Funeral
  • Streetworks/Licence (new additions):
    • Crane
    • Hoarding
    • Table & Chairs

Signage Add-on

(For users with access to the Signage Add-on)

  • Step 2Measuring Tool - Measurements can now be saved as a permanent feature to TM Plans, similar to signs and other plan elements which are added at Step 2.

-Distances will be displayed on the TM Plan, for example indicating carriageway width or traffic signal distances.-Multiple distances can be added to a plan and are distinguishable within the plan by hovering over the given distance name on the right administration panel, the measurement will turn orange whilst in edit mode .

  • Step 2Distance & Area Displayed When Plotting Items - When editing a plan, users will now be able to see instantly whilst in edit mode the distance if the item added be it a route or manually plotted.In addition, when creating a works footprint polygon, the area will be displayed.<

Comms App

  • Improved Formatting of Comms App Content  - Formatting has been improved in the Comms App allowing users to insert line breaks when updating content. Line breaks can be added by simply hitting the 'Enter' key on the keyboard.

  • Content of Works Information Panels  - The order of the content in the works information panels has been slightly modified.  Organisations using the works category feature of Comms App will notice this content has been reordered to appear towards the top of the panel.This is to give the most important information prominence.

Portal v7.19 – Portal - Embedded Map


  • Improved Embedded Map Date Parameters - The embedding code generator page now allows users the ability to specify a default date option in line with those displayed on the map control itself.-Today-Next two weeks-Next three months-Next twelve monthsMaking it much simpler for those implementing an embedded map to select a default date range when embedding.

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