QR Code Statistics, Custom Labels and Default & Individual Works Content Panels


Communications Management App Enhancements Update - QR Code Statistics

We have now included a checkbox in the ‘Website usage report’ section which enables you to run QR code usage reports. You can access this information by clicking on the ‘Accesses from QR codes only’ checkbox in ‘Report type’ and selecting ‘Run report’.

Custom labels for web links, video links and PDFs

You can now edit and customise the names of your links to PDF’s, videos and websites on the works call out panels to make them more relevant to the public.  You can add your own document label by clicking on the ‘Works content’ tab, selecting ‘Add media’ and choosing your media type e.g. video or PDF, then type in your customised label for the document.

Default and Individual Works Content Panels

We have designed a new look for the ‘Default works content’ and ’Individual works content’ areas to provide a more streamlined appearance which is easier to navigate.

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