Product Release 30th November 2018

Traffic Management App and Communications App Improvements

Traffic Management App

Contact Information for a Closure

Users of TM App are now able to add designated contact information to road closures which can only be seen on information panels when logged into the App. This is a feature that will need to be switched on via the Setting tab.

Traffic Management App Real-time

This information is then displayed on the dashboard and on the works popup for logged in users of TM App Real-time.

Communications App

QR Code Reports in TM App

Users of Communications App are now able to once again run a report showing the number of times a works on has been opened via a QR code.

Differentiation of active and inactive disruptions

Users are now able to distinguish between active and inactive disruptions where individual enforcement patterns on traffic interventions have been set. Inactive disruption icons are greyed out when enforcement patterns are not in place however the plan will remain displayed on as the overall plan is active.