Product Release 2nd March 2017

Communications App Enhancements

Communications App

Works Categories: Originally the ‘Works categories’ was available by applying filters on works reference numbers to identify different types of works. This filter has now been enhanced to capture text in the description field within the EToN. This allows wider use of the full functionality and benefits of the Comms App. This will apply to any work specific text assigned to the set filter automatically as soon as the EToN is available on

  • Enter the key word/ phrase or works ref identifier in the ‘Filter for assigning field’
  • Select the appropriate radio button for your filter: Works reference, Works description and Works reference and description
  • Further configure the filter to display the heading and description to be displayed on the works information panel
  • Add any media links or PDFs to be added automatically


The UTMC layers found in ‘Driver information’ on the Map Layers menu have been enhanced to let users know how long since the information was last updated. The ‘Last updated’ stamp can be easily seen at the bottom of the selected information panel.

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