Product Release 2nd August 2018 New Real-Time Road Closure Icon

Real-Time Road Closure Icon

As an increasing number of road closures are now being managed in real-time with Traffic Management App Real-Time (TM App Real-Time) a new icon has been created which identifies which road closures are being managed in this way. This is visible within TM App Real-Time and on and enables users to distinguish those closures that are being managed using Real-Time and as such benefit from the higher accuracy of the closure information.

TM App Real-Time allows Highway Authority officers and contractors the ability to close or reopen a road instantly on mainstream sat-nav devices in real-time.

Developed collaboratively with major sat-nav providers, this unique capability enables users to influence the behaviour of thousands of vehicles instantly from a Traffic Control Centre or on-site at the side of the road, meaning drivers can alter their journeys as soon as possible following the closure or re-opening of a road.If you would like to know more information or are interested in a demo of TM App Real-Time, please just contact us.