New Portal Enhancements and Features

Release 7.3.0


Callout Enhancements

When an icon is selected in a callout is displayed with more details. The callouts have been given a redesign to ensure that information is displayed more clearly and in a more uniform manner.

These are colour coded depending on the traffic impact of the works (green, amber or red)

The callout is now longer, minimising clicking and scrolling to access information for road users and operational teams.

Driver information callouts for Traffic information signs and Traffic Cameras are also improved and include a ‘refresh’ option.


Multiple Works Callout

Where multiple works and lines are close together in a given location (clustered and visible with concentric rings) these will now be displayed in a single callout. This will enable users to quickly identify the different works that are clustered closely together and to navigate from the callout to the individual marker for greater detail.

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