New categories for traffic management interruption

Traffic Management App

A major new feature has been released for the Traffic Management App.  The changes will improve the way a user can manage and display incidents, public events and street licenses. If TM App is used solely to plan traffic management for existing streetworks notices then the new release won’t have a big impact on the way the TM App is used. However, if the App is used to deal with traffic management for public events, live incidents and non-streetworks licenses (e.g. skips and scaffolding) then the new version should be a great improvement.

The two principle changes are:

  • Categorise a traffic management interruption according to whether is related to an Incident, Public Event or Streetworks/License, with subcategories within each.
  • Plot the overall location enabling an icon to be displayed to the public on the map in addition to the road closures and other TM measures. (The new icons for each type of activity are much improved on the new version of which will go live in mid-November).

The new subcategories will be:


  • Incident
  • Accident
  • Weather event

Public event

  • Sport event
  • Entertainment event
  • Market
  • Carnival / parade / street party
  • Other

Streetworks / License

  • Streetworks
  • Skip
  • Scaffolding
  • Materials on highway
  • Obstruction
  • Other

Creating a Traffic Management Plan

As before, click on the ‘Create new TM Plan’.  The layout of the user panel for Step 1 has been updated in the new release and allows a TMP to be created as a new disruption or associated with an EToN notice.

If you are creating a new disruption, enter the unique name or reference.

Then select the category of activity – incident, public event or streetworks/licence and subcategory.

Once the category has been chosen you can either associate the TMP with an existing EToN notice, or you can pinpoint the disruption on the map by clicking on ‘Plot Location’ and dragging the marker to the location.

As previously dates and times for the TMP can be set and enforcement patterns can be added.

Click ‘Next’ to go to  Step 2 where, as before, you can create your traffic management activity – road closure, diversion etc.

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