Insert Map, Validate Affected Streets and Traffic Management Types


Traffic Management App Functionality Update

Enhancements – Insert map

An insert map facility has been added in to the ‘Create Order/Poster’ function.  This allows you to insert a screenshot of the map with the road closure and diversion you have created within your TTRO and other documents.

Features - In development

In the ‘Settings’ tab (if you are an administrator) there are two new functions ‘Email Templates’ and ‘Folders’, and within the Step 3 ‘Publish TM Plan’ tab there is a ‘Create email alert’ function.  These functions are currently greyed out as these facilities are in development.  There will be more information to follow soon.

Enhancements – Validate affected streets

The ‘validate affected streets’ button has returned to the TM App in Step 2.

Enhancements - Traffic Management Types

Two further Traffic Management Types have been pushed live to all user accounts and are entirely optional:

  • Road closure crossing point
  • Advisory and preferred access route

All the TM types now have icons, however we are in the processes of stylising them so they will change over the coming months.

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