Filter options - Search, Sort and Show Features

Traffic Management App - 06.08.14

Filter options - Search, Sort and Show Features

There are a number of new features in the Search & edit panel which will make it quicker and easier to find TM Plans.

To access the new filter options go to ‘Search & edit’, select the ‘Filters’ button and the options will appear displayed in the screenshot below.

The following features are now available:

  • SEARCH BY - in addition to previous search options, Streetworks, Public events, Incidents and Other NSA have now been added. The search by ‘Name’ option will be available in the future, this is currently in development.  Click once to select the criteria to search by, and a second time to de-select.   It is only possible to select one search filter at a time.  The search feature is switched on when a green tick appears on the ‘Filters’ button.
  • SORT BY – thesort by’ search facility for Last modified, Publish date and Traffic Management Plan Name have now been added. Select the sort by criteria by clicking once on the option, to de-select click on one of the other ‘sort by’ options.   It is only possible to select one ‘sort by’ option at a time.
  • Show by TM plan status – there are now buttons for displaying Current, Planned and Expired TM plans; toggle between the buttons to display one or all of your TM Plans.

  • Search results display – there are different font styles to distinguish between the planned, active, published and expired TM Plans. Planned  TMP’s are normal weight font; Active TMP’s are bold; Published TMP’s have a link next to them; Expired TMP’s are grey and disabled.

  • Download CSV of TM Plans – to export search and sort results to a CSV file, click on the ‘Export results as a CSV file’ link and the file will download to the bottom bar of your internet browser.

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