Features and Enhancements

Release 1.8.0



Affected Area Support

Users now have the capability to add a line or polygon to outline the affected area in step 1 of the process. This additional functionality provides greater flexibility in how plans can be created and the information they promote to interested parties.

You can drag the icon afterwards for better placement.

Or change the shape of the Polygon by dragging the lines.

New Traffic Management Types

New item types have been added at step 2 of the TM plan to enable greater flexibility and precision when creating a plan. The new types enhance the existing types and add, for the first time, temporary traffic control measures. The new types created are:

  • Road ahead closed
  • Bridge closure
  • No right turn

Temporary Traffic Control Types:

  • Two-way traffic signals
  • Multi-way traffic signals
  • Stop and go
  • Give and take
  • Priority signs
  • Convoy working
  • Works stop


Communication Manager Trial Accounts

There is now the provision of trial capabilities so that CM can be accessed and demonstrated in trial mode.

Contacts Manager Input Fields

Adding a new contact is now a clearer process, with the addition of directions in the boxes to be populated, ensuring users have context of the information they need to add.



Self-Service Embedding Page

The process of embedding portal within an organisation's own environment is significantly simplified via the inclusion of a page to support developers. Providing the means to enter the key variables, the page will then generate the code that can be used by developers to simply embed the portal. In providing such a capability the embedding process will be significantly simplified for organisations and aid speed of deployment.

Enhancements Embedding API Mandatory Parameters

The embedding API will now require organisations to provide two mandatory identifiers for the API to function correctly. Namely the Google API Key and the OrganisationID. This change will ensure that Elgin is better able to provide a secure customer specific solution.

Email Alerts

Functionality that was available in v.6 to select Civil Parishes or Communities has been restored to the the email alert functionality of v.7.

Product Releases

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