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Communications Management App Feature Update - News Widget

The news widget function is now available for use! To activate the news widget you will need to update your existing embedded map (or embed the map initially) and then contact ELGIN on 0207 127 6955 for us to activate the functionality in your Communications Management App panel.

You can access the embedding guide in this blog by clicking on the 'Embedding' tag above.  Section 7.11 of the guide provides specific information about the news widget.  Please note: the news widget is designed for maps bigger than 1024 pixels in width and will be disabled on smaller maps.

Creating a news item You can access the news widget through your Comms Management panel, as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have clicked on the 'News widget' button the home screen below will appear, where you can add new or edit existing news items.

To add a news item, click on the 'Add new' button and the news widget panel below will appear.  The panel allows you to add your 'headline 'text about the event or closure.  Tip: we would advise that you keep your text as short and to the point as possible.   If your news item is related to an existing works you can associate with the work and inherit those dates, or you can add independent dates and times. The news item will be visible on your embedded map for the period of time you specify.  You can also add a custom URL to a website or page that provides further information about the news item or link to the works on

Once you have included all the information you require, save the news widget, refresh your map and the news item will appear at the top of your embedded map, as shown in the screenshot below.

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