App Enhancements and Features

Release 1.10.0


Traffic Management App - Improved View of Plan on Opening

Plans can be large or small, so to enable the best possible experience when opening a saved plan the system now intelligently calculates the appropriate level of zoom required to display the plan as a whole on the screen when first opened.


Traffic Management App - Support Multiple Items In Document Templates

Document templates can now be set-up to incorporate multiple road closures, diversion routes and other TM interventions within the same document. This means you can, for example, automatically generate a TTRO Order covering multiple closures.

Users will be able to list comprehensive (or selected) information rather than just the first entry in a plan. The new functionality has been designed to be flexible and extensible and will provide a more complete user experience.

From main TM App menu, select 'Settings'

Scroll and select 'Add Document Template'

Select 'Template Tags' and scroll down to new selection on 'Special Tags'

Special Tags are designed to be used in conjunction with normal tags.The Tags_Demo document provides specifics on how to create tags. Creation of documents is unchanged, it simply allows the use of new tags.

Communications Management App - Support for Works Categories

With the CM App Content Management System you can now have different messages and multimedia content for different types of works on

You can define your own works categories (e.g. Surface Dressing, Skip License, etc.) and assign relevant content to each. You can set the rules which automatically assign works to the right category with no manual intervention, using the patterns in the EToN Works Reference used in your streetworks register.

New menu item 'Works Categories'

List of rules

Create a new rule using text that is found in the works reference

Help link is also included

Drag and drop rules in order to prioritise them - top to bottom

The information in the pop-up is then ordered based on the rules

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