Highway Authorities are responsible for a wide variety of roadworks, from minor repairs through planned maintenance to major investment programmes. This means there can be hundreds of works happening across a region at one time. Effective communication of these works is increasingly important to minimise disruption caused to both citizens and road users.

The roadworks.org Communications App offers Highway Authorities full control over this message and the roadworks information channel, with the ability to explain the necessity of works in a more simple and relevant way, which is widely disseminated once published. Comms App offers

  • Relevant, comprehensive and timely information to enhance service delivery excellence, improve resident feedback, satisfaction and authority reputation
  • Easy access to up-to-date information via multiple channels and devices, giving more opportunity to self-serve roadworks enquiries
  • Improved self-service combined with minimal training and automated works communication means more efficient use of limited resources
  • Influence over driver behaviour with better, more relevant information, helping reduce road space occupancy, congestion and journey times
  • Authorities to be innovative, leading best practice in response to citizen and stakeholder needs

Communications App is compatible with all ‘EToN’ streetworks systems and has no IT integration dependencies. With intuitive design, minimal training is needed for users to quickly establish consistency of message via multiple channels. It is fully tablet and smartphone ready so can be used either in the office or at the roadside, with works and communication teams updating status information in real-time.

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