Product Release 29th March 2018 and Traffic Management App Enhancement

Non Highway Authority Road Attribution

The responsibility for roads as displayed in works information panel, now takes into account situations like private roads. In such cases, the Highway Authority section is now designated as 'Non-Highway Authority Maintainable' on such roads.


Template tag for TM Plan's town name

When creating a document or email template, it is now possible to also include the name of the town in which the plan itself has been plotted at Step 1.  This new template tag can be found under the 'TM Plan' tab of the template tag options as demonstrated below.

Increased character limit for email alert subject

The number of characters supported in the subject line of an email alert has been increased to 150, allowing users to provide a more detailed description. 

Audit log enhanced to include EToN Notice changes

The audit log for TM Plans has been improved to include changes that are triggered due to a plan being Associated to EToN. Users will now be able to see in the audit log when a change in the state of the plan has changed due to a change in the EToN notice that plan has been associated to. For example, when the EToN Notice has been cancelled or when the start and date has been modified.