Product Release 21st February 2019

Traffic Management App, Communications App and Real-Time Map Improvements

Traffic Management App

Ability to view TM items and documents within EToN associated plans

Users associating an EToN works to a TM Plan, will now be able to view and access the associated traffic management items, and documents from the respective EToN works.

Improved email contacts management

The email contacts manager has been improved to enable quicker searching of individual contacts or members within a group and creation of multiple contacts. Additionally, you can also export the list of contacts as a CSV file

Notification of undelivered emails

Nominated TM App admins will now receive a notification of email addresses that could not be delivered to. The email will notify if the issue with the email address is perceived to be temporary (e.g. mailbox is full or their server cannot be reached) or permanent (e.g. email address does not exist or not valid).

Communications App

Sentiment analysis tool additional feedback

When a user provides a thumbs up or down feedback on for specific works, they will now be given the option to provide written feedback as to why they have done so. The additional feedback element is an option that can now be enabled within the Comms App. The collated feedback can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Real-Time Map

Improved display of road closures

To make it easier and quicker to identify validated road closures causing congestion on the roads, these are now displayed using a dotted red line. 

Repositioned map control

The control that allows users to toggle between the Real-Time Map view and standard view, has been redesigned and moved to the bottom of the left hand bar to make better use of the available map space. The time since last update will continue to display at the bottom centre of the map on a transparent green, amber or red banner reflecting the data update status.