Product Release 17th May 2019 Improvements

Introducing new round icons

Roadwork and incident icons have changed from triangular to round. Round icons make it easier to distinguish overlapping works, allowing more information to be displayed on the map and helping users get a better overview of the disruptive activities on the road network.

Simplified roadworks view when zoomed out

When zoomed out, roadworks appear in a simplified dot view where the impact level colour is displayed. This allows for a decluttered view of roadworks taking place in the interested area, making it easier to identify problem areas.By default, at a higher zoom level only high impact roadworks are displayed as red dots. This can be customised to display all impact levels via the ‘What’s on this map’ panel on the left.

As you zoom further in, medium impact (as yellow dots) and low impact (as green dots) start to appear.

Faster map loading and smoother panning

We have improved the map loading experience for users so that once the map and icons have been loaded within an area, you will be able to move around the map and return to previously loaded areas without the icons reloading which will make for faster loading and smoother panning.