Product Release 12th July 2018, Traffic Management App and Signage Add-on Enhancement

Ability to Reset Password

Users who have forgotten their password or wish to reset it can do so by selecting the password reset link on the Apps log-in page

Traffic Management App

Custom Email Display Name for Email Alerts

Previously the sender name of TM App email alerts displayed however now users who have admin level access will be able to configure the sender display name that is seen when an email alert is received. This allows a more meaningful name to be displayed that relates to the organisation.

Ability to insert screenshots within emails

Previously users were only able to insert screenshots within documents however this functionality has now been extended to insert screenshots within emails.


Signage Add-on

Ability to add multiple Works Footprints

Users who have access to the Signage App are now able to add multiple works footprints at step 2 when creating a Traffic Management Plans.

Scottish Streetworks data

We are delighted to inform you that we will be publishing Scottish streetworks data on

Live Traffic for Incident Links

Users that have received a link to an incident will now automatically see Live Traffic displayed on the map when they open that link. This enables greater context to the user of current conditions on the road around the incident.

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